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Deltyn Aluminium Composite Panels

Deltyn is the global leader in a variety of cladding applications – Exterior, Interior and Corporate Identity applications. We have all major aluminium products which includes Deltyn Partitions, Deltyn Eco, Deltyn Signage, Deltyn Metallic/Solid, Deltyn Woods, Deltyn Stone, Deltyn Sparkle, Deltyn Mirror. Deltyn is a reliable aluminum composite panel, aluminum ceiling and sandstone sheets manufacturer, our product portfolio also includes PVDF ACP, fireproof composite panel, Nano-PVDF ACP, brushed panel, wood-grain panel, signage panel, sandstone sheet, coated coil, aluminum ceiling and more.


Considering the nature of challenges and competitions, Deltyn has never deterred from its aim, which is to deliver excellence and ensure maximum worth for their clients money.We are proud of our rising success, as so far he have only grown in the numbers of happy and satisfied clients. Deltyn appoints dedicated professionals to work in close coordination with clients ensuring that every possibility of complete satisfaction is attained and every hurdle is erased. Feedback from customers is taken in a positive spirit and as a stepping stone towards perfection.

  • We offer only the Best quality products
  • We feel happy to assist our clients
  • Supply on time
  • Wide varieties of designs
  • Continious quality checks

Why Choose Us?

At Deltyn, It’s our goal to produce super quality, affordable, and eco-friendly building material for customer all over India. In order to produce qualified aluminum composite panel. We acquire qualified raw material only from well-known suppliers such as PPG, Dakin, OuPond, Becker, GE ect., we also make on-line inspection during production and conduct strictly quality control inspection for all finished goods before warehousing. All panels are produced according to ISO 14001, ISO9001, OHSAS18001,REACH.RoHS standard.

We also use advanced exhaust & waster water treatment equipment in production processing to assure the industrial pollution is minimum cand as per international pro-environment standards. Deltyn has taken continuous efforts on pursuing outstanding stable quality and innovation in composite panels. Our R&D team ensures that all our products come with changing technology offering the latest features and functions.

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